Video: My Interactive Map with Python, JavaScript, SVG, JSON

I gave a presentation on my interactive map at Ladies Who Code – DC on September 21, 2015. Thank you, Jennifer Galvin, for recording this at the Sunlight Foundation in Washington, DC.

The player above will play this entire YouTube playlist. It is comprised of several three to nine minute-long videos. The video topics are:

  • an overview of how my single-page web application works,
  • a demonstration of the SVG coordinate system which drew the state shapes,
  • a discussion about JavaScript testing on UI elements,
  • a look at the JSON structure and the Python script that wrote it,
  • ideas on how to automate updating the contact information;
  • and lastly, a challenge posed by Liz Merkhofer to show only the contact information for the individual(s) who serve as the point of contact for the one product type that is selected in the drop down menu.

If you are interested in trying to solve Liz’s challenge, you may view and fork or pull the map’s code from my GitHub account:

The official Meetup summary for this event:


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