Checking In

This is a status update regarding my job hunting.

After I went on some interviews in January, I realized what kind of tech job I really want. I spent February and March learning NodeJS by attending NodeDC meetups, making inspiring connections at the annual NationNode conference, and working my way slowly through LearnYouNode.

I have also been dissecting the Modern Web Dev build I used to scaffold the next version of my event photography website. Lynzphotos2016 is under development. I am writing it in TypeScript using the much-anticipated JavaScript framework, Angular 2. Babel will compile my TypeScript to es5. My task runner is Gulp. I am using Sass for my styling, so am writing my styling in a SCSS file, using mixins and variables. I am going to dabble in BEM and SuitCSS. Frankly, I am dabbling and exploring too many optional tools and methodologies in this build, hence my slow progress. I hope I am not being too hard on myself by calling my progress slow.

For greater detail about the build, about my thoughts on the naming convention, and to find out which learning resources have helped me along the way, check out my project’s on GitHub.

Further, I have refactored my NTPEP map in order to demonstrate that I can exercise closure. I have also taken Angular 2 tutorials, the main one being the Tour of Heroes which I pushed to GitHub. I have attended the DC OpenDataDay conference and taken smaller, unpublished tutorials on Plunkr and cloud9.

Every day I log my hours and summarize what I do in each session. I believe in Deliberate Practice, a learning methodology which entails stretching out of my comfort zone and challenging myself on new material in two sessions a day.

Interactive NTPEP Map – JavaScript, SVG, JSON, Python

NTPEP is the National Transportation Product Evaluation Program, a resource-pooling project for state Departments of Transportation run by my former employer AASHTO.

Here are four short paragraphs summarizing why I made this single page web application and how it works: README

This is the second version of the map. I added click functionality instead of hover, and a drop down menu by which users can select a transportation product type and then see those participating states turn white. Visit my GitHub account to see the complete code for this second version of the NTPEP map.

Please note that the implementation below uses Flexbox for styling.


If the interactive map does not appear in this space, your browser needs to be updated. Please view the map on instead.

Video: My Interactive Map with Python, JavaScript, SVG, JSON

I gave a presentation on my interactive map at Ladies Who Code – DC on September 21, 2015. Thank you, Jennifer Galvin, for recording this at the Sunlight Foundation in Washington, DC.

The player above will play this entire YouTube playlist. It is comprised of several three to nine minute-long videos. The video topics are:

  • an overview of how my single-page web application works,
  • a demonstration of the SVG coordinate system which drew the state shapes,
  • a discussion about JavaScript testing on UI elements,
  • a look at the JSON structure and the Python script that wrote it,
  • ideas on how to automate updating the contact information;
  • and lastly, a challenge posed by Liz Merkhofer to show only the contact information for the individual(s) who serve as the point of contact for the one product type that is selected in the drop down menu.

If you are interested in trying to solve Liz’s challenge, you may view and fork or pull the map’s code from my GitHub account:

The official Meetup summary for this event: