Points-Based Visa System: UK’s Fortress

October 21, 2009

by Lindsay Brown

The United Kingdom’s points-based system is a strict visa process which potential migrants must navigate to live, study, or work in the UK. The elaborate bureaucratic system was enacted February 28, 2008 in order to allow Border Agency officials to select and monitor foreigners who have entered the country.

Under the PBS only the most qualified skilled workers may enter.

Ian Paul, 37, an American who attended Edinburgh College of Art less than ten years ago and worked construction in England, was not able to navigate the PBS this summer.

“I got to the part where they wouldn’t let Americans work unless they proved they couldn’t hire anyone there first,” he said. Potential sponsors of migrant workers must first advertise in three places for local residents before venturing to pay the application fee and proceed to further steps to gain a certificate of sponsorship from the Border Agency.

“I knew bar managers who said they would hire me, but after I asked for them to officially sponsor me, none of them were willing to put in that much time, money, and effort to go through with it.”

When asked why he wanted to come to the UK, he said “I like the UK. It’s a great country. I’ve always been fond of it.”

The PBS ensures that only the most dedicated, organised students may enter.

Canadian/American/Israeli citizen Talia Lapid, 20, witnessed her classmates at New Mexico State University get rejected for student clearance.

“They couldn’t get their transcripts in time so soon after graduation.”

“In addition to the standard £145 student application fee, I paid a professional company $200 to have my paperwork expedited.” Lapid’s application was accepted.

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