WordPress Front End Application and Custom Admin Dashboard

Below is an email I sent to a client after finishing the project I was hired to do. It demonstrates my ability to provide a static walk through of a UI using screenshots and clearly written descriptions and instructions. Note: I have changed the clients’ contact information to protect their privacy.

“Lindsay Brown” <LindsayBrownDenotes@gmail.com>
To: “Clients with a private GitHub Repository” <client@co.com>
Subject: Walk Through of WordPress InTheNews Page and Admin Dashboard

Good Morning, Client,

I pushed the finished WordPress admin dashboard and news cards web page to the staging branch on December 5th. Have you been able to review it yet? I would be happy to demo them to you using Google Screen Share at your earliest convenience. Meanwhile, I pasted some screenshots below which basically provide you with a tour of the finished admin dashboard and the finished public-facing responsive, flexible grid for the news cards.

I upgraded your WordPress site to v 4.7 and pushed that and some other admin dashboard customizations to the staging branch. The 4.7 upgrade does not change the look or functionality of the site.

If you do not have the time for a demo and the below looks okay, I would be happy to merge to master after receiving your approval.


Getting started:

Your user login is “client@co.com.” You can log in using a password that will be auto-generated when the site is deployed on the production server. You should change that password the first time you log in by clicking on “Users,” then scrolling down to the “Generate Password” button.

Once the live site is configured correctly, you and the other Co staff members will log in at https://co.com/inthenews/login.

The only user who can create additional users and update plugins is you, the administrator user, client@co.com. There are three installed plugins: Advanced Custom Fields (v 4.4.11), Podamibe Custom User Gravatar (v 1.0.3), and WordPress Database Backup (v 2.3.1), which will email you a database backup once a week.

You will know when a plugin needs to be updated when you see the pink circular arrow icon appear in the left corner of the admin bar as shown in the screenshot below. Click on the icon to go to the update plugin page and follow the prompts from there.

Admin dashboard tour

News Card screen:

The Edit | Trash | View submenu items appear when you or an editor user hover over or touch the title of an individual news card. The rows’ default order is reverse chronological order (most recent on top). You can change the sorting order by clicking on each header (Title or Date). Clicking on the Title header will sort the news cards alphabetically.

Edit or Trash News Cards screen:

Category name is a drop down menu and publication date is a “date picker” (like a mini calendar) that pops up when you click in the field.

Add a News Card screen:

Very similar to the Edit or Trash a News Card screen except fields haven’t been filled in yet by any user and the “Preview Changes” button is simply a “Preview” button. Placeholder text provides brief instructions for each field.

Instructions are otherwise located just above the Publisher field and Image button.

Select Image screen:

Images need to be uploaded to the Media Library. The reason for keeping images on your own server is that images that sit on external websites are third party dependencies that you cannot control. Eventually they get moved to different URLs (I fixed a few that already have been) and the respective news card ends up with a missing picture icon in the corner of a mostly blank, gray news card. Fortunately, images that you upload into the Media Library are in your control; plus, they can be edited and cropped by clicking on the blue Edit Image link on the right side of the Select Image screen.

Edit Image screen:

To use the crop tool, click on the crop button all the way on the left (it will become darker, indicating it is active), then click and drag on the image to define the crop area, then click back on the crop tool again. The save button will then turn a brighter pink, meaning it can then be clicked.

Previewing a news card:

Back on the Add a News Card screen and also on the Edit or Trash News Cards screen, the news card preview button (upper right corner) will show you what the single news card you just worked on will look like at various screen sizes as you drag and resize your browser window. For example, the below screenshot shows a browser width of 1400px (each card column is narrow and so publisher and title cover four lines, and there is more white area under the image).

The preview below shows a browser width of 542px (the card column is wider and so publisher and title cover three lines as opposed to four, and there is less white area under the image).

Public-facing Web Page

The In the News Web Page:

The new WordPress public-facing web page looks almost identical to the original Laravel web page except now there is better centering and the View All News button has a white background that turns gray on hover like this:

If I missed anything, I’m just a phone call away. Please let me know if I can go ahead and merge this to the master branch. The original InTheNews web page will remain published until Sajad or someone in Dev Ops handles the redirect; i.e., removing “.html” from “https://co.com/inthenews.html.”

Thank you and I hope you are enjoying your holidays!

Lindsay Brown
(202) 555-5555